If you set a goal or resolution to get your credit fixed in 2014, have you started working your plan yet?  If's the 25th day into the new year, so what are you waiting for?  I often say that credit doesn't define you, but it does make life a lot easier.  Don't you want to live an easier and more convenient life?  At Credit with Chris, we bridge the gap between credit counselors and credit repair companies by providing knowledge and understanding about your credit profile AND credit repair and debt negotiations.  For a limited time ONLY we are waiving our coaching fees to help you reach your credit goals in 2014.  Yes, that's right, you can get the Platinum Program for only $399, but you must act now by sending an email to cbridge@creditwithchris.com.  This special offer is ONLY available until Tuesday, January 28th.


08/29/2014 5:55am

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03/22/2016 3:02am

Can I get this Platinum Program for $399 now?)

09/30/2016 12:17am

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10/05/2016 12:55pm

I believe that if you set a goal than never let it go unless it comes true and never ever give up. It was nice to go through by your blog because it gives me new inspiration and motivation.


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