Are you a business owner and receiving calls about building credit with D&B?  First, did you know that the company that's calling you is not actually with Dunn & Bradstreet?  Yes, that's right it's another company called D&B Credibility Corp who charges you to add your exiting accounts to your profile and there are MANY accounts that DO NOT qualify to be added.  So why pay almost $1,000, not  establish new credit to get access to funding and still have to build profiles with Experian or Equifax?  Before you get caught up, do you homework and make sure you know what you REALLY need and what you're getting.  For more information or learn how to truly establish business credit and get access to money for your business, register for your personal assessment at


05/20/2015 12:00pm

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10/20/2016 7:12am

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12/10/2016 3:34am

Yeah I do occasionally get calls, spammy calls although I do have a software which screens and detects their presence and instantly tells me whether or not the dialer is a spam.

04/25/2017 3:03pm

Getting credit for listening for advertising calls is really trendy these days. As everyone is so much fond of using phone. N this kind of calls increases the sales.


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