Living On Top with Chris Bridges broadcast on WLVS Listen Vision Live, Tuesday, September 23rd at 3:00 pm EST.  Chris Bridges, Certified Credit Expert and her guests, Kymberly Jackson and Theresa Royal Brown will be discussing life before, during & after bankruptcy and tell you how to have financial freedom to live on top! During the broadcast, join our Twitter chat at @creditwithchris and use #lotcb to get answers to your credit questions during the Chat with Chris segment or to just check in.

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07/03/2017 10:29am

Bankruptcy is probably the hardest thing that a company or business has to go through because it is not easy to accept. It is hard to accept that your once booming business is in doom and nothing can make it successful again. However, things like this always happen in real life and while they may not be positive, they sure leave us a lesson. Letting go of things will soon lead us to become more open and accepting of the problems we have in life.

07/11/2016 9:51am

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07/01/2017 1:18am

This show is really good! This is really beneficial for someone who experienced and currently experiencing something like this. I believe that this show will give tips especially to business people on how they can properly manage their accounts and how to avoid circumstances like this to happen to them. I believe that through this show, many people will learn about the do's and don't's in business and how are they going to cope or handle bankruptcy in case it happens to them.

09/10/2017 7:59am

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